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Welcome to the First Fleet Mobile App!  This app was designed to give our First Fleet drivers and other employees all the tools you need to do your job in one simple to use package.  In the coming weeks, we will be posting videos detailing all the ways that this app can make your job easier.  Watch the video below for a quick overview of the always improving FirstFleet Mobile App.

Mobile App Overview


General Training Videos:

Home Page Overview - Find out what you can do right from the Home Page in the mobile app.

Reviewing Pay in the App - All employees can review their pay from their mobile app.  This page and video will explain everything you will see in this section.

Reading Messages on the Cork Board - This article explains exactly how to manage notifications from the mobile app to your phone. 

Updating Direct Deposit - Safely and securely update your direct deposit information in the app.

Adjusting Settings in the Mobile App - Discover how to make some key changes in the app like hiding your pay from the home page and more.

App Issues on Android Phones - If you are using an Android phone and notice that your FirstFleet app is not loading or having other problems, then you should follow these steps to reset your app storage.

For Drivers:

Load information Tool - Get all your load info quickly and easily with this great feature in the Mobile App!

Setting up Mobile Dispatch Notifications - This article gives drivers and dispatchers 3 different ways to set up mobile dispatch notifications for drivers.  This feature lets drivers get a text message when their order is ready to go.

Hours of Service Overview - Get a quick overview of the Hours of Service section of the app, and some helpful information regarding your DOT clocks.

Fuel Purchasing - The accompanying video explains the rules for drivers regarding their authorized fuel stops and how to quickly find those authorized locations in the app.

Understanding the Fuel Bonus - Click here to learn all about who qualifies and how the fuel bonus works. 

Using CAT Scales App - Learn how to skip the lines and save time getting your truck weighed with this great new app by CAT scales that we have integrated into the FirstFleet mobile app.

Locating Trailers - Watch this short video to learn how to easily find your trailer and get back on the road faster.

Mobile Document Scanner - Read this article or watch the attached video to find out how to attach documents to a load.

Scanner Screen Overlays Error - If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8, then you may receive a warning when attempting to use the scanner portion of the app.  Read this article to find out how to turn off Screen Overlay on your phone.

Attaching Photos to an Accident - Once an accident has been reported to the Portland, TN facility, you will need to attach photos of the accident in the app.  Use this short article to learn how to attach photos to an accident report with your FirstFleet mobile app.

Attaching Photos to a Load - Quickly and easily send your manager a photograph of how your load was strapped to help with safety related concerns

For Dispatchers and Managers:

Viewing and Assigning Loads from the App - If you ever find yourself away from your computer but you still need to find some information about a load or need to reassign a load, you can now do that right from the app.  Click the link in the title to see a complete video training on this section of the app.

Locating Terminal Contact Information - Quickly reach other office staff team members around the country using this great tool in your mobile app.

Managing EFS Cards - Quickly assign and manage your drivers' EFS cards.  This article also explains some common issues.

Scanning Employee Documents - Watch this quick video to learn how to scan all the documents needed during the hiring process.

Uploading Employee Photos - Find out two different methods for loading employee photos.

Using the Needs Maintenance Tool - Keep track of the repair status of your equipment with this helpful tool. It can also be unlocked for 3rd party vendors to easily find and repair equipment.

Promotional Materials - Find printable sheets encouraging drivers and customers to use the mobile app.







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