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Set up Mobile Dispatch Notifications

Drivers can choose to receive text and/or e-mail notifications to their mobile devices. These notifications let them know when they've been dispatched on an order and include a link with all the order details. In some locations, messages can also be sent to notify the driver the order is ready.


Mobile dispatch notification options can be set in three places. Click on one below for detailed instructions:

  1. In the mobile app
  2. In the Firstfleet web portal
  3. By dispatch in Mobile Messenger


Mobile App

  1. Tap the hamburger menu at the top left

  2. Tap the Profile link

  3. Scroll down to Mobile Preferences and tap the Options area

  4. Choose the desired delivery method


Web Portal

  1. From a computer or mobile phone browser, navigate to
  2. Click the green Login button, enter your username and password, and login.
  3. Click the Account button

  4. Click the Go button under My Account

  5. Click the pencil next to Mobile Dispatch under the Preferences section

  6. Choose the desired option and click the save changes button

Mobile Messenger (For dispatchers)

  1. Click the Find button

  2. Search for the driver by First/Last name, then click on the pencil icon

  3. Click the Dispatch drop-down menu, choose the desired option, and click save

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