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Uploading Employee Photos

Throughout the organization we use photos of our employees. There are two methods to load photos of your employees. The first method is using the tool found on myPortal at The second method is a bit more user friendly and conducive to a workforce on the move, and that is using our mobile app. 

If you wish to use the mobile app to upload photos of employees you will need to follow the instructions below. Should you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at for assistance.

First you will need to navigate to the Contacts function in the app Menu. Then you will need to enter the employee name or code in the filter box at the top of the page. Once you locate the employee tap the Green Upload New Photo button and follow the steps.

Note: The photos are not immediately replaced. They are submitted to HR for review and when approved a new ID Badge will be printed and the photo will be placed properly in the app and other tools around the company. 



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