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The FirstFleet Mobile App allows for properly configured drivers to upload documents associated with an order (POD, Scale, etc) using the camera on their smart phone. This function is supported in both the Apple and Android platforms, and is provisioned only to select groups of drivers as the business need demands.  This document is a walk through of how to use this function.

In addition to allowing drivers to scan paperwork this same function can be used to allow dispatch and other team members to scan employee related documentation such as CDL, Medical Card and other employee specific documentation. If you need to review how dispatch staff and other back office team members can use the scanner tool please see the alternate video found here.

Video Tutorial
If you prefer to watch a video tutorial of this process please click here to launch the YouTube link that will take you step by step through the process.



Using the menu in the upper left portion of the app locate the Scanner option. If you do not see the option for POD Scanner this means your account has not been provisioned for proper access. Please reach out to your Fleet Manager for assistance through our help desk.


New Upload
When the tool opens you will see a screen that looks like the image below. You will see a listing of previously uploaded images below the large green button that says New Upload. To begin the process of taking a photo tap the Green New Upload button.

Document Type Selection
Next you will be asked to select the type of document you believe this image to represent. Once you select the appropriate option you will advance to selecting the proper order number. You will see a selection of recent order numbers that you have been dispatched on. 


Taking the Picture
Once you tap New Upload you will be prompted to allow access to your camera. Tap allow access so that the FirstFleet Mobile app can access the camera in this process. A few things to know about this step are listed below.

  1. Please make sure the document is on a clipboard or solid surface so that the document is flat and there is an obvious border around the document. 
  2. You will notice that there are helpful hints on the screen which are designed to help get the best possible image - move closer, hold still, etc.
  3. Tap the flash button in order to activate the light and give the best image.
  4. Once the app indicates "Don't move" it will snap the pic in a few seconds - just hold still for a few seconds.


Approving Image
Next you will be prompted with a preview of the image you just took. You will see that the image has been cropped out automatically. In most cases the crop will be accurate but in some cases it will need to be adjusted. If you need to adjust the crop because not all of the document is visible just tap the EDIT button. If you are satisfied with the image and ready to upload it just tap the SAVE button.  If you wish to abort the process and start all over simply tap the X in the top right corner.

Optionally Crop Image
The crop of the image is very important. If you determined from the above step that manual cropping is necessary these steps will take you through that process. Cropping allows you to remove the background sections of the document to give the best document image possible. The application will make an attempt to detect the edges and properly rotate the picture for you but it may need your help along the way in some situations.

The first photo below shows that an IMPROPERLY cropped image would look like. You will notice that the BLUE box should nicely outline the entire document. To adjust the crop (blue box) you can tap hold any of the white spots on the box to adjust the crop. 

The second image reflects a properly cropped document. You will notice that the blue box nicely contains all of the document and trims off the parts of the image which are not the document. 

You will see a rotate option at the bottom of the page. In some cases the application will not properly detect the orientation of the image and it may be necessary to rotate the image. 

Once you are happy with the crop and rotation tap the Check mark in the top right corner to move to the next step. If you wish to retake the photo just tap the X in the top left corner to retry.


After you have adjusted the crop of the image you will be returned to the preview screen where you can select the options of EDIT (change the crop) or SAVE to upload the image to FirstFleet. 

Overlay Message Problem
For some Android phones there is an issue where you may get a prompt indicating a problem with needing to turn off screen overlay. If you are experiencing this problem please click here for additional information.

Help Me!
If you need help along the way please reach out to us at or tap the gear icon in the upper right portion of the app to get assistance.

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