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Cintas Ordering Guide


CINTAS Ordering Guide

Returning Users - Click HERE to go straight to CINTAS


General Information: 

•An Allotment (i.e. company-sponsored purchase credits) is given to each active Driver, Dock/Warehouse, or Office employee of FirstFleet in good standing.  This allotment for official company uniform apparel is given in the form of dollars that can be applied toward the purchase any item in their catalog. This is NEW from previous years where allotment was in the form of units.

Example: A Full Time New Hire Driver has $450 to spend within their uniform catalog

•Allotments will be available and reflected by each individual employee via their login on

•New Hires will receive a set of company t-shirts on initial hire date.  After 30 days of employment, new hires will receive their full uniform allotment.  This allotment may be spent at any time within their first year of employment. 

•Reissues (employees who have hit/passed the anniversary of their hire date) - allotment purchases can be made by item as needs to replace uniforms arise (does not require full package or ‘all at once’ purchase).  

•Any additional apparel needs can be purchased on the same site with a personal credit card or other form of payment

•Employees are responsible for any overages, additional items, or additional costs associated with the uniforms.

•Allotment dollars do not carry over from one period to another.   Allotments will expire and any unused dollars will be forfeited.

•Any questions can be directed to your terminal manager

•Returns/exchanges are allowed for non-logoed, non-washed, non-worn items.

•Cintas Customer Service: 1-800-864-3676


Training Video:


Login Instructions

Step 1: Click this link to go to the login page

Step 2:

First-time Users:

  • First - log out any other cintas users on that computer! (Admins, please make sure you have logged out before trying to login as a driver and order their uniforms)
  • Please type fft + Your Driver Code  (ex. fftwyne)
  • Do NOT use capital letters in the User ID
  • Leave the password section blank and click Sign In
  • Create a password, save changes and then login again

1.1.png  2.png

Common Issue


If you get a warning to enter a valid email/user ID: Please call Cintas at 800-211-0314 or open the chat window.  A Cintas employee will need to fix your account.  This is a known issue and they are working to fix it. It should only take 2min once you reach a rep by phone or chat.


Returning Users:

  • In the User ID section, type fft + Your Driver Code
  • Do NOT use capital letters in the User ID
  • Type your password in the box
  • And click Sign In


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: The website said that I need to put in a credit card. I thought our uniforms were free?

    Answer: If you have already spent your yearly allotment for uniforms, then you will need to spend your own money if you go over the standard amount.

  2. Question: I want to order some FirstFleet shirts for my family. Can I use my uniform allotment for that if I don't need more shirts for myself?

    Answer: No, the uniform allotment is for your own uniform needs only.  In order to show our professionalism to our customers, we request that drivers wear their uniforms while on the job and that they keep those uniforms clean and without rips and tears.  We know that in doing your job these uniforms will be damaged, and that is why we have such a generous allotment for our drivers. To order extra FirstFleet branded clothing for non-uniform purposes, please pay with a credit card for personal purchases.

  3. Question: Do my funds rollover/accumulate each year?

    Answer: No, you have a certain amount of money for uniforms that you can use in a single year.  This money resets after each hiring date anniversary.

Click the attachment to view the full FirstFleet uniform catalog, allotment rules, and return instructions

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