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Marking orders ready in TMW Visual Dispatch

In TMW Visual Dispatch, you can mark an order as ready and trigger a notification to be sent to the driver. The notifications honor the same mobile dispatch preferences drivers set via the mobile app or web portal (e-mail, text, both, or none). For more information driver notifications,  please see our article on setting up dispatch notification options.

If you click on the Action tab in the top-right information window, you will see a new button to mark an order as ready.




Once you click the button, a notification message will be queued to the driver(s). Here are a few notes on that: 

  • The message will be queued until the current time is 90 minutes or less from the early start time on the first stop of the order. This is to prevent the message being sent too early in cases where we still need to respect the early time. If the current time is already within that window, the message will be sent out within the next 5 minutes.

    The early start time is under the "earliest" column under the Trip View section



  • If the first stop and/or the order has already been completed when the order is marked ready, no message will be sent.
  • If a driver is not yet assigned to the order, the message will automatically send once an assignment is made.
  • If something changes or if you click the button by mistake, you can click the button again to mark the order back as not ready.
  • These messages are separate from dispatch messages. In a typical flow, a driver will receive a text message when the order assignment is set and transmitted. Then, some time later, dispatch will mark the order as ready, and the driver will receive an additional message relaying that information.


Below is an example of a Ready Order text message. It will have basic information about the other as well as a link to the trip sheet for more details.



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