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How to Update Risevision TV Slides

1. Open RiseVision: 

(email to get an account setup)

2. Convert your PPTX file to a JPG (Click here for instructions)

3. Upload your file to RiseVision

4. Click on Presentations tabrisevision_1.png

5. Double click on your presentation to open it


6. Click on ph0 - the top placeholder (do not add Placeholders)


7. (Optional) Go through the presentation and remove any outdated slides

8. Then save and publish


9. Now click image to add your new data screen


10. Click grid view to easily find your file


11. Click on your file (make sure it has a helpful file name) and then click select


12. Then save and publish the presentation


13. Scroll to the bottom of the slides on the left

14. Click the timer box


15. Change the time the slide stays on the tv from 10s to 20s & apply changes


16. Optional - Duplicate the slide if you wish to have this slide appear more than once in the rotation

17. Save and Publish!

18. Click on the grey dots on the left to drag the images throughout the presentation

19. Save and Publish!


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