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PS COS Report Overview

Platform Science Circle of Service Report

Each Friday, you will receive an email with an attached report summarizing the previous 7 days of activity for driver interactions with their in-cab device using Workflow. Proper use of Workflow is extremely important in our ability to interact with customer systems and provide real-time visibility into the freight.

The report is broken down by Region and Terminal Location and then sorted with the lowest performing drivers at the top. Please review the attached Excel file each week and consult with the drivers who are performing at less than 100% compliance. There may be instances of Workflow not being correctly set up for your location.  If you find that there are tweaks needed for your driver Workflow, please reach out to so we can properly care for these needs. 


For guidance on how to best use this report, please watch the video below. 


PS Circle of Service Report Demo Video: 


Reviewing Report Results



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