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Relay Messaging System Guide

Welcome to Relay - Our Driver Messaging System

How to Login

1. Click here to go to the Relay Messaging Page

2. Sign-in using Microsoft Credentials


3. You will need to use the Authenticator app to login (Click here to set that up)


Reply to & Send Individual Messages

*Please be advised that all messages sent/received through relay can be seen by ALL members of the dispatch group

1. Click on the group that you belong to (You will only see any groups that you belong to)

2. Click the Driver you wish to review

3. Reply and send a message to the individual driver's tablet


4. If you wish for the message to be read aloud to the driver, click the ! in the bottom right corner and change it to either medium, high, or urgent to have the message read to the driver while on the home screen or in motion. 


Incoming Messages from Drivers

1. Will be listed in the Unread tab

2. You can then go to the individual driver tab to read the full history of messages


Send a Message to Your Whole Terminal

1. Click Group Message in the top bar (left side)

2. Select your terminal (if you are over multiple terminals, you will see a drop down menu)


3. Then Enter Your Message in the text box

4. Choose the urgency (Messages marked with any urgency other than low will be read aloud)


5. If you want to send this to driver phones along with the tablet, click on the phone icon
*If a driver's current status is Driving, they will NOT receive a text on their phone
- that message will only go to the tablet*



*To Receive Messages* - All Drivers will need to Opt-in so that they can receiving the text communication from Relay


Send a Message to a Group of Drivers

1. Click Group Message

2. In the Driver(s) box, type their employee ID

3. Click the employee's name from the drop down list


4. Then Enter Your Message in the text box

5. Choose the urgency (Messages under 50 words & marked as med, high, or urgent will be read aloud to the driver)

6. If you want to send this to their phones as well as the tablet, click the phone icon
*If a driver's current status is Driving, they will NOT receive a text on their phone - but will get the message on their tablet*



Geographical Selector

If you wish to send a message to all drivers that are located in a certain geographical area, you can do so using this tool.

1. Click Send Message

2. Click the map icon beside the drivers section


3. Double click inside the map to zoom in on the location you wish to isolate

4. Click this icon to select your location. 

5. Click on the map to define the corners of the area you wish to select.  (You must select at least 3 points)

6. Once you click the first point again, a highlighted area will be "sealed."


7. That map will then disappear and all drivers located inside the selected area will be listed in the driver box to receive this message.


8. Scroll down to the bottom, type your message and then hit send



Searching for Messages

You can find certain messages by searching for keywords inside of the messages from your drivers.  If you wanted to find all of the messages related to trailers that you sent or received this week and want to make sure they were all dealt with properly, then type trailer in the search box. 
Other examples: lumper, delay, trays, washout (or wash out)



Activate Notifications

1. Click the circle icon with your initials in the upper right corner


2. Click User Settings

3. Turn on Notifications (move the slider until it's blue)

4. Sign that you want these changes to happen

5. Then click save


HOS Clocks for Drivers

You will be able to see estimated HOS clocks for all your drivers.  We do NOT recommend you do anything with the "Last Updated" tab.  



*If a driver is not authorized to receive text messages - a red x will display beside their number when you hover over the drivers picture in the pop-up box. 



**This is replacing Total Mail.  That app will be deactivated for your site.  If you need to see a history of messages, please email

***When we turn on messaging with Relay - this will also turn OFF Mobile Messenger in TMW


Mobile Option

1. Open the FirstFleet mobile app

2. Once your site has been activated, you can tap the Relay bar on the home screen to message your drivers any time from your phone.



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