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Viewing Order Images in TMW

In many cases images associated with orders and/or invoices are scanned and indexed into our back office systems. These images are used to ensure proper billing, in the event of collection needs and a host of other business related activities. In order to ensure quick and easy access to images associated with an order we have developed a small interface to the imaging system to facilitate rapid viewing of any images we have on file for that order.  This document will outline the use of this application called ccSimple Search.

Application Use
This application is accessible from within two TMW applications - Visual Dispatch and Billing Desk. To use this application simple retried the order in question in the trip folder or in the invoicing module and select Custom - Order Images. For illustration a screenshot is included below.

Once you select this option a new window will open with all related images presently on file with the order number in question as an attribute. 

If no documents are retrieved there are two possible reasons for this case.

  1. There are no scanned images for this order
  2. The document types that are on file for this order are not avaliable for the general user account. In this case you will need to use the CarbonCopy Search application and obtain a named user account.

In the window that opened simply click the image that resembles a magnifying glass to view the image. If you wish to search a different order number you may enter this order number in the text box and press "Go" to run a new query. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this use of this application please do not hesitate tocontact us.

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