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Search for Images Using CarbonCopy Simple Search

In some instances paper documents in the organization are digitized and stored in a system developed by FirstFleet, Inc. called CarbonCopy.  CarbonCopy is a tool that allows us to control access to documents that are indexed to various pieces of information with our environment (orders, trucks, employee, etc).  There are several means to interface to the system for image retrieval. This document is meant to cover the basic retrieval interface called CarbonCopy Simple Search. The nice thing about this method of searching is that you do not need CarbonCopy specific credentials to view the images stored in the system and it is directly tied to TMW for ease of use.

How to Use
To use the program simply retrieve the order in question from within any TMW application (Order Entry, Visual Dispatch, Billing Desk). Once you have the order visible on the screen select Custom - > Order Images. (see below)


After a moment a new window will open which shows you all images attached to the order in question. Simply click the magnifying glass to view the specific document referenced.

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