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First Fleet Driver Fuel Bonus Information

FirstFleet Driver Fuel Bonus Information


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What must a driver do to be eligible to earn fuel bonus?

  1. The driver must be a full time driver. Casual drivers do not qualify.
  2. The driver must have driven more than 5k miles in the quarter.
  3. The driver must have been employed the entire quarter.
    1. Exception: If a newly hired driver drives over 20k miles in a quarter, he/she is eligible to earn a fuel bonus.

Qualifying for a fuel bonus:

To be paid a fuel bonus, any eligible driver must meet the MPG requirements for his/her terminal and truck model/type.

MPG requirements can be determined using the following information.

To provide a quick and easy view of the target levels for each terminal, we have deployed a page on the portal which will share this information with Operations, Payroll and Maintenance Teams.

The page is located under the Operations and Fuel Tabs and can be located at this URL:

The title of the page is Fuel Economy Targets.

To run the report simply select your location and click RUN.

Here is an example of the report for Ames IA. You will want to note you have the capacity to Export this to Excel (perhaps print and post)


The targets that a driver’s performance will be judged against are, in the vast majority of cases, those of the truck in which the driver logged the most miles.

The MPG that a driver achieves is cumulative across ALL trucks he/she may have driven.

You will note above that in order to determine the target performance you will need to know a few things about the truck in question – such as year, apu, etc.

If you see NA it means that the factor does not apply at the specific location.

What are the current MPG numbers for a particular driver? – LOOKUP VIA THE FIRSTFLEET PORTAL

If you wish to review a driver’s performance you can use the spreadsheet or navigate to the portal under the title Driver Fuel Economy.


This page allows you to change to any driver in the company and see their view by clicking Review a Driver.



Changing to the driver and using the LAST QUARTER you can see the performance numbers and the Supporting Data behind those numbers over time. The driver also has access to this information when they login to the portal.


What are the current MPG numbers for a particular driver? – LOOKUP VIA THE FIRSTFLEET MOBILE APP

Drivers are encouraged to review their performance via the FirstFleet mobile app available on both Android and iPhone.

Upon logging into the app, drivers get a quick glimpse into their current mpg over the last 4 weeks:


After clicking the arrow at the top, drivers can change the review period to see how thay are doing in different time frames, including the current quarter to date, as well as their perfomance last quarter.


What are the evaluation periods and pay dates?

Fuel bonus is evaluated on a quarterly (3 months each) basis

Quarter 1 – January thru March

Quarter 2 – April thru June

Quarter 3 – July thru September

Quarter 4 – October thru December


Bonuses are paid out beginning approximately 5 weeks after the end of the quarter for 13 weeks.

                Quarter 1 payout begins around the second week of May

Quarter 2 payout begins around the second week of August

Quarter 3 payout begins around the second week of November

Quarter 4 payout begins around the second week of February


For more information and a short training video please visit:





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