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Are Missing Documents Preventing Dispatch?

Are you trying to dispatch a driver and have found that you are unable to assign them to a load?  Company drivers who do not have proper documentation on file will be unable to be dispatched on an order under our new company policy. You will potentially be faced with a driver who has a P1 expiration on their record in the event that we do not have a complete file for the driver as required by the DOT.

What?!?!? How can I fix it?

The first thing you want to do is verify what items are expired.

1. Locate the driver in TMW - Planning Worksheet is the quickest.

2. Right click (A) on the driver ID and select Driver (B) and then click Information (C)


3. When the Information window opens, select the Expiration Tab (D) to see a list of pending items


4. The description field (E) will list the missing documents

5.  Most of the documents that are missing are either:

  • pending a manager signature
  • need to be scanned using the mobile app

For a new hire that is in TMW but has never taken a load:

  1. Go to planning worksheet – in the resource section
  2. On the left shows your P1s and P2s
  3. Click on the red dot under the P1 column
  4. An expirations for drivers field will open and show you what the P1 is


I don't see any docs missing?
If you find that the driver does not have a Docs Expiration check to see if their CDL or Physical are expired. If this is true you can easily scan and update this information using the mobile application.

I don't see any docs missing and nothing is expired - now what?
The above are the most common reasons that a user would be getting an expiration warning at dispatch. There are cases where a load is scheduled in the future and the scheduled dates on the order are beyond their expiration on their CDL or Physical. Most often this is a mistake on the order. Check the Earliest and Latest dates on the order. If any of those dates are beyond the expiration of the driver it will not allow dispatch.


Can I see this in the Mobile App?
This information is also accessible using the mobile app under the contact function of the app. Once you launch the Contacts function and type a driver ID or name you can select that employee and scroll down to the Skills section to verify any details that may be necessary to explain the priority expiration.

In the example below we see this employee is missing a CDL and RoadTest documentation.

 mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png

How to Scan Documents
If you are looking for details on how to navigate the scanning process please review this link.

Note – Please avoid the email. The coversheet process is much less reliable than the mobile scanner and is more difficult to fix if something goes wrong.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us for support. 


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