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Adding a Carrier from RMIS to TMW

Step 1: Open TMW Operations, you will be greeted by the screen below, or it will open with one tab that has Carrier Profiles. 


Step 2: Click on Tools -> Carrier CSA Inquiry


Step 3: Select either Carrier ID, or  Docket / DOT Number, depending on what you what to query by


Step 4: Once selected, Type in the Docket / Dot Number or select the carrier ID. In this example we are using the Docket / Dot Number


Step 5: After you have selected the carrier, or typed in the number, hit query, you will see a work cycle process box appear on the screen


Step 6: Once the process is done, you will see all the carrier info that has come over from RMIS. To add this carrier to TMW, press the Add Carrier Button. 


Step 7: You will see a pop up window with all the carrier information, review the information and make changes if necessary, if changes are made be sure to hit the save icon on the top left. Once you are done, close the popup window. 


Step 8: Upon closing the windows you will see a process cycle box appear on screen, please wait while the carrier is added to TMW. 


Step 9: After the carrier is done being added, to view the carrier, click on Tools -> Profiles -> Carrier Profiles.


Step 10: On the Carrier Profile tab, search for the carrier by Carrier ID. Once selected, hit enter. 


Step 11: After hitting enter, you will see the carrier info appear. 


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