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Trailer Reporting Errors

Trailer Reporting Errors Quick Links:


Trailer Report Location Errors

  1. Analyze locations to tell if there is a trailer showing at a location that your terminal does not deliver freight into.
  2. Click on the number of trailers showing at this incorrect location.


  1. Information with including trailer and order numbers will appear on a new sheet.


  1. Search the order number in TMW to pull up the specific load. Look at the Bill of Lading for the order and compare the trailer number on the BOL to the trailer number on the report.
  2. To find the BOL click on the “custom” tab, then order images. The magnifying glass icon will allow you to open the BOL.

Picture3.png Picture4.png

  1. If the order is still open, change the trailer number to the correct one in TMW. If the order is closed, immediately email Tim Loudon ( or Libby Hutchins (
  2. In the email, include the trailer number and order number so that the fix is quick and easy.


Site Target Issues on Trailer Reports

  1. Site targets should be given to terminal managers by the WestRock staff for that specific location.
  2. To update these site targets on a trailer report, go to your first fleet MyPortal and open the “Trailer Pool” tab under operations.


  1. Once on this page, you will put in your location’s code. This will allow you to change the site target numbers, as well as add new targets for new customers.

  2. If you have any questions, or do not have access to the “Trailer Pools” tab, please contact Tim Loudon ( with your concerns.


Geofence and Unknown Location Issues on Trailer Reports

  1. Notice that a trailer is showing up at a location marked as “Unknown.”


  1. If the manager recognizes that the trailer is showing in a location that their terminal delivers to, click on the number next to the unknown location and pull the latitude and longitude of where the trailer is located.


  1. Enter these latitude and longitude codes on google maps to find where that trailer is located.


  1. If you recognize this location on the map as one that you deliver to one that you pick up from, contact Tim Loudon ( to set up a geofence for that location.
  2. If you do not recognize the location given on the map, again, email Tim Loudon to get the issue resolved.


Customer Alias Issues on Trailer Reports

  1. This occurs when one customer has multiple customer codes in our system.
  2. Asses the information by checking to see if the codes have different addresses.
  3. If so, the customer code is functioning properly. If one location has multiple codes, contact Tim Loudon ( to get this issue resolved.




  1. Notice how all of the customer codes are designated to “Custom Packaging.” Go into TMW to see which codes are at different addresses and which ones have duplicate addresses.


  1. Email Tim Loudon (( with the results of this search and he will fix the customer alias issues in the system.


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