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How To Connect Your Laptop to iPhone Hotspot

Here are the steps for configuring and connecting your PC to your iPhone Hotspot.

Go to settings

Once you’re in the main setting menu, go to “Personal Hotspot”. Tap “Personal Hotspot” which will take you to the next menu.
The next menu is where you will configure and turn the hotspot on. Tap the button to the right of Personal Hotspot and turn it on. Once on the button will turn green.

Now that the hotspot is on, you will need to set your password as seen in the space where you see the alpha numeric phrase “s6djk890”
Now that the hotspot is on and the password set, let’s go to your PC and connect. See the square and the arrow pointing to the iPhone under your wireless networks. Here you will click on the iPhone access point and enter the password you used when setting up the hotspot.


After entering your password you will see that you are connected to your iPhone on your PC.

And your iPhone




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