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How do I grant permission on my mailbox?

In some cases due to vacation or employee absence it may be necessary for one employee to grant another access to their email mailbox. This process is pretty straightforward to implement and can be done in a few short clicks. If you wish to understand how to open another users mailbox you may want tocheck out this link. Here are the basic steps to accomplish this task.

  • Open Outlook, if you do not see a folder list on the left side of the page select Go -> Folder List to display the folders.
  • Right click the top most level of your mailbox and select properties as in the image below.


  • In the window that opens click the Permissions tab, and press the "Add" button to add grant a new user access.


  • In the box that opens locate the user you wish to grant access, click Add and then click OK.


  • You will now return to the window where you can select the permission you want the user to have on your mailbox. The typical configuration is "Reviewer" but you may customize your settings here. When you are satisfied with the settings click OK to close the window. You will follow the same steps but click "Remove" if you wish to revoke this permission at a later date.

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