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Looking for the Logo

If you are looking to use the logo for promotional or professional display please reference the files that are attached to this wiki article.  Typically you will need to deliver the .eps file to any production company that will be printing the logo for you. So if you are having shirts, jacket, cups, etc. printed with the logo, make sure you send the printer both files.

The files are listed below under the "Attachments" section. Take note that the files that end with .eps or .ai are generally the files you will need to produce materials. You will not be able to open them but the print shop that is making your materials will be able to use them and will prefer them as they are vector art files. 

The Pantone for the blue is 2755.

The Hex code for the blue logo is #23419C


Looking for photos of trucks?
You will find them at this link:



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