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How do I setup my Android device to read my company email?

**Some wording may vary based on the version of your phone and firmware installed. The following instructions are meant to be a guide to setting up email on Android devices. Most corporate phones are iOS-based phones.**


In the mail app select : Exchange Account or Corporate Account

In the MANUAL SETTINGS do the following: 


Email address:

Domain\username: " \ "

Password: [your password]

Exchange Server: 


If you have an option to “Use secure connection (SSL)” make sure it is checked.


Tap on NEXT


Activation agreement will appear. Tap on OK


You will get a “Remote security administration” box .. Tap on OK

Accept any additional message that comes up.


It will bring you to an Activate screen .. Tap on ACTIVATE 

Then your phone should start to sync with Outlook.


You should be good to go.

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