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Manage Profile - Update Phone Numbers

From time to time we get requests with regard to how a Fleet Manager can update the contact information for a given employee. This is helpful especially when you recognize the value of the 8x8 call manager and want to update records for quick and easy click to dial functionality. Today we are rolling a new feature on the website which is designed to help Employees and Fleet Managers manage the contact information for their staff.


To access the tool simply click the Account icon in the top right and then click the Manage Account button.



This will open a new page which allows you to edit your personal profile – and Fleet Managers can optionally change to another driver or mechanic in their managed locations.


You will notice that this page also allows for managing of Mobile Dispatch preferences and enrollment in electronic communication options. Please note that only the employee can make electronic communication decisions. You will be able to review the selection but you cannot edit it on behalf of the employee.


  • Presently the page does not allow you to update your photo – but we are working to that end.
  • If an address change is made it is recorded (logged) and the information is forwarded to the proper Corporate teams to ensure the change is handled properly.
  • If you make changes to phone numbers or email addresses they will be pushed to 8x8 within the next 60 minutes.

Manage Driver Days Off & Start Time
In some locations it is necessary to keep track of starting times and days off for a driver population. This information is accessible and managed on the employee profile by authorized managers. If you have access to manage the profile for another user you can control these settings. 

After defining these values you will see them reflected in the Planning Worksheet for the drivers you have updated.

Hopefully this tool will be a helpful addition as you work to communicate well with your staff.


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