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Understanding the Fuel Bonus

Below is a video reviewing how the Fuel Bonus works at FirstFleet inc.  All drivers will need to see their manager to receive the Target Levels for their specific terminal.

Fuel Bonus Overview Video


What must a driver do to be eligible to earn fuel bonus?

  1. The driver must be a FirstFleet driver.
  2. The driver must have driven more than 9k miles in the quarter.

Qualifying for a fuel bonus:

To be paid a fuel bonus, any eligible driver must meet the MPG requirements for his/her terminal and truck model/type.

*Using an automatic truck and want to know how to get the most out of each gallon of fuel? Click here for how to videos on the new automatic Eaton 12 Speed.

Fuel Economy Targets:

To provide a quick and easy view of the target levels for each terminal, we have deployed a page on the portal which can be accessed by your manager called Fuel Economy Targets.  Once they run & print the report for your terminal, you can analyze which bonus level you have reached this quarter.  The targets that a driver's performance will be judged against are those of the truck in which the driver logged the most miles. The MPG that a driver achieves is cumulative across ALL trucks he/she may have driven. You need to know several things about the truck in which you have driven the most miles such as year, APU & axle.  If you see NA, it means that the factor does not apply at that specific location.

Fuel Economy Target Reviewing:

You can find your current fuel economy performance either on the portal or in your FirstFleet app.  The app is the simplest and is what is shown in the video above. It should be listed on your homepage for easy access.

Evaluation Periods and Pay dates:

The Fuel Bonus is evaluated on a quarterly (3 months each) basis.

  • Quarter 1 - January through March
  • Quarter 2 - April through June
  • Quarter 3 - July through September
  • Quarter 4 - October through December

Bonuses are paid out beginning approximately 6-7 weeks after the end of the quarter for 13 weeks.

  • Quarter 1 payout begins around the 2nd week of May
  • Quarter 2 payout begins around the 2nd week of August
  • Quarter 3 payout begins around the 2nd week of November
  • Quarter 4 payout begins around the 2nd week of February



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