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Reading Messages in the Cork Board

Check out our quick overview of the Cork Board in the Mobile App or follow the screenshots below for more information.


Version 3.1.0 and higher of the mobile app will support push notifications. This is to increase visibility of important information to our employees. 

1) Receiving a notification when the app is closed

If the app is closed you will receive a notification from your phone. This works just like Facebook or email, or any other app on your phone that sends notifications. You can click the notification to open the app and the app will open to the page with the relevant information for that notification. 


Since the notification was a cork board notification, the app will open to the cork board page after signing in. 


2) Receiving a notification when the app is open

If the app is open when you receive a notification it will appear at the bottom of the app. If you hit view it will take you to the page with the relevant information pertaining to that notification. If you do not hit view the notification will go away after a short amount of time. 



3) Turning off notifications

 If you wish to stop getting notifications or certain types of notifications you can do so from the app settings page. Simply go to setting, then click Notification preferences. From there you can uncheck the notifications you do not wish to receive. 



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