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Selerix Import Process Into GP Instructions

Each year after Open Enrollment Selerix will send us a file with the new benefit elections.  We have a process that helps us import these new elections into GP and inactivate the old elections at the same time. 

Benefit Groups Setup

Each employee can only have one medical benefit, one dental benefit, etc.  We have to tell GP which benefits go together in a group so that if an employee elects a new benefit it can inactivate any other benefits the employee had in the same group. 

To do that, go to Tools>>Setup>>Payroll>>Benefit Groups Setup.  The following screen is displayed.

Use this window to define your Benefit Groups.  The name of the Benefit Group can be whatever you want.

To add a new benefit group, scroll to the bottom of the list and type a new group name into the empty row at the bottom.



Benefit Group Deduction Link

Once you have a group defined you can manage which benefits are in that group. 

To do that, go to Tools>>Setup>>Payroll>>Benefit Group Deduction Link.  The following screen is displayed.


Benefits Import

Once Selerix sends us the Open Enrollment Elections file, we can import those new elections into GP. 

To do that, go to Cards>>Payroll>>Benefits Import.  The following screen is displayed.


This form is confusing. 

At first glance it would seem that the form is immediately importing data when you open it.  That is not the case.  Click the Update button to select the file from Selerix that you want to import.  Once you select the file the import will begin.

If you have the benefit groups set up, all other deduction/benefit codes that belong to the same group will be inactivated for the employee.

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