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Join.Me Webinar Hosting Guide

Setting Up a Meeting

Step 1: Login to before you wish to host your webinar and then select either option below to open the scheduling section.


Step 2: A popup box will appear and you will tap the orange "Schedule a New Meeting" button


Schedule a New Meeting

1. Insert the subject

2. Please use a one-time code.  (This is better if you are scheduling several meetings around the same time or topic to help make sure people don't intrude on your other meetings.)

3. Add in the start and end dates & times

4. Check that the time zone is correct

5. Add your email and any other emails you wish to get the announcement in the participants list

6. Delete Austin's email so he is not alerted to this meeting

7. Then click Schedule.


Sharing the Meeting Info with Attendees

When you schedule the meeting, the meeting should be listed in the upcoming webinars section and the email should come to you and look like this. This is the information you will forward to people you want to attend.



Hosting a Meeting: Setting Up

On the day of the webinar:

1. If you will be displaying a ppt on a tv for in office attendees, set this up first!  Connect to the TV via HDMI and display the PPT.

2. Swipe up on your trackpad with 3 fingers to display all your open windows. (see image below) 

3. Click on your open web browser and then go to 


4. Click on the schedule section in the top bar and then hit the start button beside your meeting.  

*Don't follow the link in the email to begin the meeting or you will not enter it as the presenter.


The meeting will begin in the browser window. 



Hosting a Meeting: Getting Started

You will need to do several things once you begin the meeting.  

1. First, you will want to set up the audio.  If you will use your computer then click computer. 


If you are calling in by phone, please make sure you input the phone number, then the conference ID, and then the organizer code

*If you do not type in the organizer code, you will not be able to use the "mute everyone else" feature.


2. Next Tap the middle button to share your screen. 


3. Select which screen you would like to display.  Click on the screen that is showing your powerpoint presentation and then click the blue share button.

* It may help to install the app on your phone and join with headphones in to test the audio before others join.


4. Now that your video and audio are displaying, it is time to unlock the meeting so that others can join.

* If you do not unlock the meeting, you will need to allow each person into the meeting from the webpage (not recommended).


5. Begin the Recording now so you don't forget (if you intend to record). 

6. Mute everyone else now so that there will not be a lot of noise on the line.

7. Pass Presenter role in the same tools menu if you are sharing the presenting with someone else.

8. When finished, make sure you Exit Meeting.


If you have any questions or would like additional help, please email


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