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Using Online Cork Board

In order to facilitate easy flow of information to employees in a given location or set of locations we have enabled a process called Cork Board which is designed to duplicate the traditional board mounted on the wall that items can be pinned to. Posting material on this board is controlled by security role and is generally restricted to Fleet Managers.

Exceptions to the above security rule can be made but must be routed through for care. This is a short documentation on how the process works.

Cork Board Instructional Video


Written Instructions

Login to
After logging into the site look for Cork Board Admin page. You will see a screenshot of the item listed below and you may also locate this tool in the Operations Tile.

The tool will open and will reflect the items you have access to. You can use the drop down lists at the top to narrow the selection and you will notice the big blue button to create a new message.

To Create a new message just click the blue New Message button. You will notice the properties for the message appear in a simple to use form.

The first item to select is the Terminal you wish to receive the message. You should see all of your locations listed in the drop down list. If for some reason there is a terminal missing please submit an email to for prompt assistance. You will also notice All Terminals. Selecting this option will deliver the message to All Terminals that your account has access to.

You must enter... 

  1. A Terminal Selection
  2. A Subject - Please keep it short and concise for readability
  3. A Start Date - the date you want the item to show up for your location(s).
  4. An End Date - the date you want the items to go away for your locations(s).
  5. Content - there is a large box for content on the page. This is where you can enter the contents that you wish to communicate. In this box you can use some basic formatting options and hyperlinks to facilitate readability.

Optionally you can add attachments by clicking the blue Attach Files button. These attachments must be 25MB or less and will be accessible to anyone in your location. The concept here is you may have PDF files or other materials you wish to distribute with the item. This is where you can easily distribute them.

Once you have the item structured the way you are happy with it scroll to the bottom and tap the blue Send Button.

These items will appear in the mobile app as soon as the Start Date occurs. This means you can pre-stage materials based upon a timeline that you wish the information to show up. In addition to the information below the Home page of the app will draw attention to the employee anytime a new cork item is posted.



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