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DND and sDND

Our desk phones are equipped with a button for sDND and DND. We use the sDND button primarily, because the DND button will not function properly with Call Queues and causes the caller to get trapped. The sDND button works with all of our systems and is what we should use. It is important that we are able to verify sDND and DND are both disabled when troubleshooting call issues.


This guide is to verify your phone is not in sDND or DND.


Checking for sDND:

Start by checking sDND. Press the "sDND" button at the bottom of the phone:


If you hear "Do Not Disturb is enabled" then you have turned ON sDND and you need to hit the button again to disable it. If you hear "Do Not Disturb is disabled" then sDND was on and you have turned it OFF.


Checking for DND:

You can check if DND is enabled by phone icon on the left hand side of your display:


If you see the green check-mark, your phone is NOT set to Do Not Disturb.

If you see a grey line next to the phone your phone IS set to Do Not Disturb:


To disable DND, start by clicking the "More" button:


Then click the "DND" button do disable DND:


You should then see the green check next to the phone icon again:


If so, DND is now DISABLED.


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