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Creating Photo ID Cards

The intended audience of this document is the end user who will be physically responsible for the printing and distribution of ID cards within the organization. If you are looking for instructions on how to capture and upload photos for the ID cards please see this page.

The Software
The software we have selected to manage and print our ID cards is called Aptika IDPack Pro.  This software is a toolset which allows us to design a card layout, manage user data and print photo ID cards.  The software gets its data from Great Plains and as such should always be current in regards to the employee information. If you are responsible for managing the cards and do not have access to the software please contact to have the software deployed to your computer.

Using the Software
To begin launch IDPack Pro.  You should see a screen which looks like this:


If you do not see the above screen it is possible that the .idp (the card file) file has not been opened. You can select File -> Open and open up the file:

  • T:\Departments\Human Resources\Private\ID Cards\IDPack Pro\FirstFleet Badge 001.idp

Note: You will not be able to open this file if you are not a member of the Human Resources Group.  If your account does not have access into the private files of the Human Resources Department folder on the shared drive you will not be able to open this file.

Once you have the file open you will see there are three tabs at the top.

  • Badge List - This is the listing of all active employee records in Great Plains.
  • Badge Information - This tab contains the details of a given record. You can double click a row to see this tab.
  • Print Preview - This will display a preview of the badge as it will be printed for the record.

You will notice two columns to the right portion of the screen.

  • New Photo - (YES/NO) - This column will indicate if a new photo has been loaded for this employee record on the portal.  The process for uploading a new image is described in this document and is the responsibility of the field representatives.
  • Card Printed - (YES/NO) - This column is used to indicate which employee records have had a card printed for them in the past. When you print a card for an employee the record is updated in Great Plains (extra fields on the employee card) to indicate that the card has been printed. This column is helpful in determining which records need cards that presently do not have them.

Each day you should check to see if there are new photos that have been loaded for you to process. You would do this by sorting by the "New Photo" column. The ones that read "YES" need to be processed.

Double click the first record you wish to process to bring up the details of the employee. Once the details are visible you will see a screen that resembles the image below:


To change the image click the Import Picture button.
A box will open up with an "Open" button in the top left corner. Click "Open" to select a photo you wish to import. The folder should default to:

  • T:\Departments\Human Resources\Private\ID Cards\Photos

If the path above is not where you are looking please navigate to this path and select the image which is named by the employee code you are working with. Double click the image to open it in the Import Picture window.

Move the square box around the area you wish to crop.
Use the "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" buttons to create the best fit of the image.
Press the "Crop" button to crop the photo as you have it defined and save the image to the employee.
When you are ready to print the ID card simply click the "Print Badge" button as seen in the image below:



The card will print within a few moments on the defined printer.  If the proper printer is not defined you may need to change the printer the software is trying to print the cards on.  To do so follow these steps.

  • Select "Tools" - > "Options"
  • In the "Default Printer" list select the card printer you wish to use.
  • If you are unsure of the card printer you wish to use please contact


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