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Driver Survey Feedback

To enable a process that allows us to collect driver feedback we have connected our driver messaging platform to Typeform - a hosted form tool for collecting information in a friendly manner. The tool works by sending a text message to any driver who has not opted out use the portal profile management tool. The text message contains a link for a survey of a randomly selected stop location that we have not asked the driver about in the last 14 days. The form is mobile friendly and easy to use. 

The steps to deliver the information to the customer are as follows.

  1. Login at - if you do not have an account email to have this enabled.
  2. Navigate to the Driver Location Feedback form in the Driver Survey workspace.

  3. Click on the header which reads Analyze

  4. Click on Results (left side) to export the details.

  5. Define the date range you wish to export and click the Download link on the right side of the page to download the Excel (XLSX) file.

  6. Once you have the Excel file open you will need to run the Macro FormatDriverSurvey. You will find this by selecting the Developer tab, clicking Macro, selecting the macro and clicking Run. If you do not have the macro we will need to get you a copy of the macro file for your computer. The macro is what does the basic formatting for you to clean things up.

  7. After you run the macro you should have a much easier to read Excel spreadsheet that is sorted by OU and then stop off location.
  8. Because there are feedback values in this data from several Organizational Units (OU) we need to filter this data out to better control what we send to each recipient.
  9. Select the OU column and apply a filter to narrow your search - select one OU at a time.
  10. Once you have the data filtered you can copy/paste it to a new spreadsheet which will be sent to the customer.
  11. The final step is to apply subtotals by change in stop off location.
  12. Select Columns A-M and then choose Data - Subtotal to apply and Average function for each change in STOPID. Check columns H - M - you may need to change the decimal precision if you end up with a lot of decimal places.

  13. You are now ready to email this file to the proper contacts at the customer and repeat Step 10-13 for each OU.


For reference the source of the macro is attached to this article.


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