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How to Create and Share a OneDrive Folder from the Online Portal


  • Name your folder and then double click on it to open it
  • Drag and drop your files from the thumb drive into this window


  • In the top left corner it should say Uploading 1 item


  • You can click on that and see the progress of the file that is uploading


  • Once it is uploaded, you can hover over the file and you will see an arrow share icon


  • Click on that and a share window pops up


  • The red arrows are showing you how to either copy the link and email it to whoever you want to see the video or type in the email addresses of the people you would like to have access to the file
  • The green arrow is showing you where to click in order to decide who has access to this link and whether you want them to be able to edit the file


  • Apply any changes, click send and you are finished
  • You can also follow these same steps to share an individual file
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