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Order Entry

Order Entry application is used to record a customer request for the movement of goods or materials. Such a request is called an order. An order number must be created in the system before resources (Drivers, tractors, trailers or carriers) can be dispatched to move the load. 

To Create an Order First sign in to TS Connect. Then open the order entry application.

You will see the start button at the bottom left corner. Click Start then click Order Entry 


 In the header section of the window, you identify general information that applies to all events on an order. 

* The Company who requested the order (Order By) and (Bill To)  

* The Company where the initial pick up occurs (the shipper)

* The Company that will receive the final delivery (the consignee) 

* The estimated dates and times for the pick up (Earliest and Latest Time to pick up)

* The estimated dates and time for the delivery (Earliest and Latest Time to Deliver)

In the above example WestRock Murfreesboro is our customer. TMW uses the first three letters of the company name and the first three letters of the city for the company codes to use when filling in the order by's, bill to's, shippers and consignees. 

Order By: Wesmur (WestRock, Murfreesboro, TN)

Shipper: Wesmur ( WestRock, Murfreesboro, TN)

Pick up Date and Time the Earlier date and the Latest date the load can pick up

Consignee: Weslex ( WestRock, Lexington,KY)

Delivery Date and Time the Earliest date and the Latest date the load can deliver

Bill To: Wesmur ( WestRock, Murfreesboro, TN)

Revenue Terminal: This is auto populated based based off the bill to company

Once this information is entered Click the Save icon . This will generate an order number. You will see in the top left of order entry.

Next Will be to update the order if needed and dispatch it. This is done thought Visual Dispatch. 


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