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In working with our Fleets we have determined that in many cases a physical "Trip Sheet" that defines the order of business for a given movement is a necessary component. In working with numerous fleets we have determined that each fleet in some cases has their own mechanism to deliver this information to the driver, but in almost every case this process was manual. Our intent with this project was to create an automated method that provides a printable report containing the known trip information.  This report may not be 100% sufficient for every fleet at this time (we are open to changing as needed) but it is a quick way to print information for your drivers to have handy if needed.

  • To access this report quickly simply retrieve the order in TMW Visual Dispatch.
    • The order must have driver and tractor assigned on it or the report will not generate.

  • Select Custom - View Trip Sheet
  • A new window will open using Internet Explorer that contains a printable version of the report in discussion.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to use this report or how we might make this product fit the needs of your fleet better please reach out to us at

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