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Add Payroll Inputs

1. Search for Pay Inp - and Select Add Payroll Input by Worker


2. There are no asterisks, so there are no required fields - but we strongly recommend inputting Start and End dates before hitting OK.

You can also filter it more to add limits on the next page.  If you have a paycode to enter for a bunch of different drivers than enter the pay component code and hit ok.


3. If you have the pay code filled out then you will be able to enter as many workers as you are limited by that pay code.  The amount will also not copy over between drivers.  You will need to add each amount separately.


4. To enter a driver, you will need to click the + in the upper left, type in the empid in the worker box and hit enter, not tab to get the employee options.

5. To enter a deduction, you just enter a negative pay component on the standard pay code.


To enter Get Fit deductions, you would need to select the Ongoing Processing Default on the main page.


If the code is already for a deduction, you do not need to put in a negative number.


Admin Use Case - An employee is owed X hrs on their time sheet

You will need to input as 


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    WIJOSE - Joseph Williams

    I need my payroll checks Joseph williams

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    Harrda I had 120 hours of PTO before the holidays and I asked Nathaniel my dispatcher to put in my PTO and my shortish of detention pay in which was stolen by mean of not paying me but cheating me of my pay several weeks in a row as I return to work. How long will it be until I get my PTO pay and my 401k payout from the company. My email address is Thanks.

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